CWD Architects
Carolyn Walker Davis, Architect, projects in Bolinas, Mill Valley and San Rafael

CWD Architects, Inc., is based in San Rafael in Marin County, California. Specializing in residential single-family homes, remodels and additions, she has designed custom homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California and the West Coast.


One of the most important given components of a project is the site and all of its inherent characteristics. It is our job to enhance the finest qualities the site has to offer be it the views, the sun’s path, the wind’s direction, its natural features and its inherited surrounding built environment. It is essential to capture the gifts of nature:  the sun’s warmth and light, and the wind’s cooling breezes to make the shelter comfortable. Integration and incorporation of the exterior order of the site with the new building is a critical first step toward a successful design.

Also critical to good design is the lively interplay of spaces. We use a delicate hand to adeptly arrange a balance and harmony of indoor and outdoor rooms, composing well-proportioned volumes with efficient and comforting flow between all of the spaces.

Ever sensitive to the constraints of a project budget, CWD Architects, Inc. works to deliver projects that incorporate environmentally sensitive building materials in an aesthically creative and respectful manner.

CWD Architects, Inc. offer quality lighting design incorporated into each project. Whether capturing nature’s light or creating a balanced lighting design using the latest in artificial sources, we know that a well-lit space is absolutely essential to its success. Years of work experience with a premier San Francisco lighting and Theater designer ingrained important lighting concepts as an integral part of CWD/Architects’ expertise.


Registered Architect in California
Certificate, National Council of Architectural Registration Board
Postgraduate classes, San Francisco Architectural Club, past president
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of California at Berkeley, 1979

COMMUNITY SERVICE:Youth in Arts - Italian Street Painting Festival - San Rafael

  • Guide Dogs for the Blind: a decade of puppy raising for the San Rafael Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Cal Crew Team: University of California, Berkeley, architectural design committee for the new T. Gary Rogers Rowing Center, Oakland Estuary.
  • Cal Berkeley Crew
  • In Defense of Animals
  • Homeward Bound
  • San Rafael Public Schools, elementary, middle and high school architectural design site committees.
  • Youth in Arts - Italian Street Painting Festival
  • LEAP: Learning through Education in the Arts Program, Architects in the schools teacher.
  • Call of the Sea


During the past two years, I have worked with Carolyn Walker Davis, as architect, on my new home project. Throughout that time, Carolyn interpreted and executed my vision with greatest of clarity and efficiency; always meeting my needs with pragmatism and understanding. Her unique insight and creative skills were invaluable towards accomplishing all that I had imagined. As we worked together, Carolyn's judgment, ethical standards, skilled professionalism and artistic flair helped me create the home that I had always dreamed about into a beautiful reality. Carolyn is a tremendous pleasure to work with and she has my enthusiastic endorsement without hesitation. - Barbara Zakhour

Many of the redesigns we see cost a small fortune... and though the results are great it's nice to see someone take a savvy approach to getting a lot of impact without bankrupting the owners. - Bill LaHay, editor, Better Homes & Gardens

Working with Carolyn is a real pleasure. Always the consummate professional, Carolyn understands the balance between the architect, client and builder. Her designs reflect a keen artistic sense that balances form and function. Each of our projects together has led to great experiences and well-crafted custom homes for our clients. Thank you, Carolyn for your exceptional team work. - Bruce Bunnell, BunnellBuilders, Inc

Carolyn was great to work with from the start. She really understood the needs of our family, and helped us to create a house that was both aesthetically striking, and functional as a great place to live. The rooms are just right, they all get used for living, and they all wonderfully draw the outside world, the light, trees and views into them. She is just what we wanted, an architect who listened well and understood our needs, and could push the design to a great solution without sacrificing the functionality that a family needs. - Scott Sklar

As a professionally trained chef having a functional workspace is vital. As a person who likes to entertain having a beautiful atmosphere for friends and family to gather in is equally as important! Working with Carolyn I got both!! An amazingly functional kitchen with so much workspace I'm going to be able to give the cooking lessons I've always dreamed of. And entertaining is  effortless now that we have an open kitchen to the dining area where everyone can gather and hang out! You know how everyone always ends up in the kitchen? Well B.C. (before Carolyn) there was so little space I felt like a sardine! But now A.D. (after death of old kitchen)...there is plenty of space for everything and everyone! Thank you Carolyn for changing our lives! We had our boss over for dinner last nite......Steve removed all the floor protection in the  kitchen and dining room  for the first time. The space looks really amazing and unified. There is so much counterspace I cant beleive it! I'm still in shock that this is my kitchen. - Deborah Rodinsky

Carolyn achieves the desired results through a combination of her listening skills and interactive communication, her eye for creating a comfortable, livable space with attention to detail and a keen sense of volume and proportions. - Sunni Epstein

Carolyn Walker Davis is an experienced, well qualified architect who specializes in meeting the needs and desires of couples, singles and families.  She provides options and examples for a new home or remodeling opportunities.  Designs and construction possibilities are complex and often difficult to picture or understand.  Carolyn is patient and calming in all situations.  She has experience dealing with design limitations imposed on home owners by city and county building and zoning codes and regulations.  She has proposed sustainable design when practical.  She provides good preliminary sketches and cost estimates.  She is experienced in presenting client projects to Planning Commissions andDesign Review Boards.  She has a good working relationship with the building inspectors and has great follow through with the building contractors throughout the construction process.

Carolyn designed and worked with the builder of our large and complex log home in Sisters, Oregon, and received many compliments from the builders as well as the surrounding neighbors, but most importantly, from us! - George and Patty Walker

I do want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me about our kitchen remodel. It was my conversation with you that made us realize we were not on the right path to getting the kitchen we expected. You were so professional and asked such poignant questions we re-evaluated everything we were doing. The questions you asked and insight you had in our one little phone call was more helpful than all we had in the four months that we had worked on the kitchen plans. We fired the architect we were working with.

Thank you again for all your help. Without the time you spent talking with me we would probably have entered into a time intensive, costly project that would have ended poorly. I truly appreciate your professionalism. If I ever hear of anyone in your area looking for a designer/architect I will without pause recommend you. - Hanna Farquar


  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Composition
  • Harmony
  • Organization
  • Simplification
  • Elegance
  • Rhythm
  • Circulation

Carolyn Walker Davis, Architect, Oakland Hills project


Passive Solar concepts:

  • North South East West axis/orientation
  • South-facing glazing
  • Day Lighting, Day Lighting
    Day Lighting!
  • Strategically placed operable skylights for passive cooling and natural lighting
  • Overhangs
  • Cool roofs

Carolyn Walker Davis, Architect, Ross Valley School Project


  • Air quality
  • Energy saving technologies
  • Local products and materials
  • Recycled and renewable materials
  • Water saving devices
  • Radiant heating
  • Acoustical concerns

Carolyn Walker Davis, Architect, Oregon Log House project

Carolyn Walker Davis, Architect, Mill Valley Tree House

Carolyn Walker Davis, Architect, San Rafael Country Club